Our licensed, qualified veterinarians provide a wide range of surgical procedures. Neuter and spay services for dogs and cats start at approximately 6 months of age. We routinely provide more complicated soft-tissue surgeries such as mass removals, oral and dental procedures, as well as emergency surgeries. We anesthetize with the most dependable products for safer sedation and quicker recoveries. During surgery, your pet is monitored with state-of-the-art pulse oximetry and electrocardiography. Your friend's respiratory rate, core temperature, blood pressure, and other vital signs are also continuously monitored from beginning to end, by professional technicians, overseen by the doctors. These same professionally-trained technicians serve your pet as dedicated anesthesia nurses, start to finish, for safer surgical procedures. We utilize advanced pain management before, during, and after surgery, routinely.

Before Surgery:
Your pet will receive a thorough examination before surgery. Laboratory tests may be necessary, although not always routine, before surgical procedures, to help determine if your pet is healthy enough for surgery.