Puppy Care
When you first bring us your new friend, he/she will receive a thorough examination to ensure that your pup is healthy. Your puppy will usually receive three (3) sets of affordable vaccines. The last set includes the rabies vaccine. Your young friend will also be tested for parasites, and appropriate medication prescribed, as needed.

Take home and enjoy a Puppy Kit filled with valuable information and tips including vaccination information, preventive care, healthy dental care advice, several helpful goodies and samples to get you started, and much more. A sound body and mind are what we strive for, for the life of your new family member.

Your Junior Dog
During your adult dog’s annual visit, after consideration and discussion, we usually administer parvovirus, distemper, leptospirosis, and rabies vaccines on a 3-year basis, to dogs older than 1 year. Coronavirus, Lyme, and bordetella vaccines are available and administered as needed. Dogs do routinely receive a yearly heartworm blood test, as recommended by the American Heartworm Society. They also receive a fecal exam to check for parasites.

We will check yearly for dental health, speak to you about nutritional needs, and listen well to your concerns. Together, we will discuss what is best for your loved companion and work towards establishing the very best wellness plan to carry him/her into a healthy “Senior” stage.

Your Senior Canine Companion
Older pets, namely aged 7 on, sometimes have special health needs to address. Generally, more frequent visits and more thorough diagnoses are needed. We subscribe to no set formula, but tailor care to each individual. Vaccinations are administered after careful consideration. We are here to ensure that your mature friends have the very best veterinary care during their special “Golden Years”.