We believe strongly that all pets should be implanted with a microchip to aid in the recovery of that pet should it become lost. The very affordable process is similar to giving a vaccination under the skin, between the shoulder blades, with a tiny device approximately the size of a grain of rice. We feel that we implant the most gentle and easiest inserting microchip in the industry. This microchip contains encoded information that is used to locate you if your pet is lost. We use AKC's American Standard Compliant chips, which means that most scanners in the country are able to detect and read them. We are able to provide ISO chips for Europe as well. When your pet is scanned, the microchip number and company with which the pet is enrolled will come up, making it possible to retrieve your personal information from the data in the national database.

Village Veterinary has chosen AKC (American Kennel Club) Companion Animal Recovery system for its microchip service for the reasons stated before, and others.

  1. The AKC is a trusted organization and started its microchip program in 1995. Since then, it has continuously improved the system, and is responsible for the recovery of over 360,000 of the 4 million pets registered with them.
  2. The combined implanting and enrollment cost is less expensive than with other companies, so we are pleased that we can pass these savings on to you.
  3. Once enrolled in the AKC Companion Animal Recovery database, which we take care of for you, your pet is enrolled for life. Operators are standing by 24/7/365, to take calls about missing pets.
  4. With the money generated from AKC microchip and enrollment sales, the AKC funds student scholarships, canine search and rescue grants, and disaster relief efforts. That is where your money is going.

If you have a pet with a microchip already implanted, but you don't know with which company your pet is enrolled, go to www.petmicrochiplookup.org. This website will allow you to type in your pet's microchip number, and your pet's registration information will come up.