Dr. Anastasia Lackey


Dr. Anastasia Lackey is originally from Barrie, Ontario, Canada. She was fortunate enough to go to vet school on the beautiful tropical island of Grenada at St. George’s University. She then went on to finish her clinical training at the University of Tennessee. Growing up she would travel from Canada to spend her summers volunteering at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. It was during these trips that she fell in love with Jupiter, even at an early age. She loves everything ocean related, so she’s happy to be living near the coast again. Dr. Lackey grew up with a variety of animals including dogs, cats, birds, and fish, but the cats always chose her. She was forced into being a crazy cat lady but wouldn’t have it any other way. She currently has three cats at home named Furgus, Tiggy, and Sprout. 

Dr. Lackey is thankful that you are entrusting her with the care of your beloved pet. She can’t wait to build long lasting relationships and provide the absolute best care for you and your fur babies.