We Are an AAHA Clinic - Learn Why This Is Important to Your Pet

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AAHA stands for American Animal Hospital Association. AAHA develops the highest standards in medical and business practices specifically for the veterinary hospital community, and provides essential resources in every aspect of veterinary medical care and veterinary business performance. AAHA extends an accreditation process to its members by which diverse sets of protocol can be achieved. Village Veterinary has been evaluated and accredited by AAHA since 2001.

It is a way to set a hospital apart from others. Accreditation is voluntary, and the AAHA standards are above and beyond those required by state inspectors. Many hospitals are members of AAHA and can utilize many of their resources. But only a very few – approximately 14% of American hospitals – are actually accredited. Having an accreditation from AAHA means that thousands of protocol points have been evaluated and met by that hospital. An accredited hospital has opened its doors willingly and without reservations to AAHA for an inspection that lasts all day, and is repeated with added sets of standards every three years. Because Village Veterinary is an accredited AAHA hospital, you know that our veterinarians are informed of up-to-date changes in veterinary care. You can feel confident that we have achieved challenging benchmarks in every aspect of our practice.

AAHA sets the standard for excellence in veterinary care.
We are proud of our AAHA accreditation.

AAHA introduces an interactive online community for you and your pets! Use this innovative tool to find articles on pet health, behavior, travel, relocation, and more. Have your kids interact with the Kids Klub section. Utilize blogs where you can ask questions of a veterinarian, find pet health journals, etc. Are you looking to adopt a pet? You can find an Adopt-a-Pet-Directory here. For more information, please visit www.HealthyPet.com.